St. Boniface Elementary School Gym 20 Markanna Drive, Scarborough, ON

Main Contact:
Boboy Lipnica - (647) 330 0915 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Feast Builder:
Bro. Boboy & Sis. Lory Lipnica

Assistant Feast Builder:
Bro. Bien & Sis. Nida Carandang

Youth Builder: 
Handles needs of our Youth and Young Adults 
Bro. Ricky & Sis. Carol Bautista

Event Builder:
Makes the Feast the very best and most inspiring experience for members and guests 
Bro. Ryan & Sis. Mickey Cruz

Admin Builder: 
Responsible for registration and document-keeping 
Bro. Noel & Sis. Wilma De Pano

Worship Lead Trainers: 
Coordinates and facilitates worship lead training 
Bro. Maynard & Sis. Joan Gloria

Finance Builder: 
Ensures proper recording of Feast assets and resources, prepares and submits financial reports to the Feast Council 
Bro. Ernie & Sis. Gerlie Junio

Music Builder: 
Builds a lively Feast by providing “Lord-class” music 
Bro. Louie & Sis. Nina Mastrili


Intercessory Ministry: 
Prays for the needs of the Feast, the servant leaders & members

Inspired! Ministries: 
Coordinates & conducts teaching programs for Youth between 13-18 years of age, and Young Adults between ages 19-26 years of age

Children’s Ministry:
Designs & conducts teaching programs for children between 2-12 years of age

Food Ministry: 
Provides snacks at the Feast

Facilities & Logistics Ministry: 
Coordinates and prepares Feast event from set-up to clean-up

Music Ministry: 
Builds a lively Feast by providing “Lord-class” music

Administrative Ministry: 
Responsible for registration and document-keeping