Regular Venue:
Canadian Martyrs Elementary School Gym 1185 Mississauga Valley Blvd, Mississauga, ON

Summer Venue:
St. Martha & Mary Parish Church, Knights of Columbus Hall 1870 Burnhamthorpe Rd E, Mississauga, ON

Main Contact:
Bambit Bonoan - (647) 217 0617 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Feast Builder: 
Bro. Bambit & Sis. Kate Bonoan

Facilities Builder: 
Bro. Ted & Sis. Ana Alcantara

Pastoral Builder:
Bro. Kit & Sis. Gay Arcilla

Formation Builder:
Bro. Bambit & Sis. Kate Bonoan, 
assisted by Bro. Henry & Sis. Rose Huerto

Youth Builder:
Sis. Chai Bonoan

Children Builder: 
Bro. Gilbert & Sis. Rose Rodrigo, 
assisted by Sis. Xenia Molina, Sis. Ana Alcantara and Sis. Kai Dela Cruz

FCCPC Representative: 
Bro. Arnold & Sis. Jijil Cabanos

Music Builder:
Bro. Dekk & Sis. Kai Dela Cruz

Praise & Worship Builder:
Bro. Bhetong & Sis. Merz Patawaran

Lights & Sounds Builder:
Bro. Vic & Sis. She Nuñez

St. Josephine Bakhita Mission Builder:
Bro. Eric & Sis. Annie Dela Cruz

Intercessory Builder:
Bro. Ernie & Sis. Neth Geronimo

Finance Builder:
Bro. Francis & Sis. Digna Flores

Administrative Builder:
Bro. Reggie & Sis. Donna Gines, 
assisted by Bro. Marvin & Sis. Xenia Molina

Food Builder:
Bro. Dondon & Sis. Rhoda Mayordomo

Caring Group Heads:
Bro. Arnold & Sis. Jijil Cabanos 
Bro. Dekk & Sis. Kai Dela Cruz 
Bro. Eric & Sis. Annie Dela Cruz 
Bro. Francis & Sis. Digna Flores 
Bro. Vic & Sis. She Nuñez 
Bro. Bhetong & Sis. Merz Patawaran 
Bro. Gilbert & Sis. Rose Rodrigo


Facilities Ministry: Coordinates and prepares Feast event from set-up to clean-up 
Pastoral Ministry: Oversees spiritual formation and leadership growth in ministries 
Formation Ministry: Coordinates & conducts LLS, Growth, Training and other Seminars for Members Inspired! Ministries: Organizes programs and opportunities for discipleship, fellowship and faith formation for Youth between ages of 13-18 and Young Adults between ages 19-26 
Children’s Ministry: Designs & conducts teaching programs for children between ages 2-12 
Praise, Worship & Music Ministry: Creates “Lord-class” music and leads congregation in Spirit-filled praise and worship 
Lights & Sounds Ministry: Oversees and coordinates all technical and creative aspects of sound and lighting needed to ensure the quality of each Feast experience 
Intercessory Ministry: Prays for the needs of the Feast, the servant leaders & members 
Finance Ministry: Ensures proper recording of Feast assets and resources, prepares and submits financial reports to the Feast Council 
Administrative Ministry: Responsible for registration and document-keeping 
Food Ministry: Provides snacks at the Feast