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In these challenging times we live in, when the truth about God and His infinite love is slowly being eased out of the very fabric of our family and society or at the very least, make it irrelevant, it is not unusual to ask these questions: Is Christmas still relevant? Do we still need Christmas?

To help us find answers to these questions, I suggest that we look back to that first Christmas night and ask more questions. Why did God choose to be one of us? I believe that the answer to that question is being revealed personally to each of us, by God Himself, in our hearts. And of all places, why did He choose to be born in a smelly, stinky stable, with a poor peasant girl for a Mother and a carpenter as foster Father? Could He not have chosen a better place, a palace for example and a celebrity set of parents, like a king and a queen? Of course, He could have but He didn’t! I believe that when Mother Mary touched the face of Jesus on that night and told herself, “So, this is what God looks like”, God has already made His case. And that is, to let us know that He will stop at nothing to show you and me the magnitude, the purity and the depth of His love. He wanted to tell us that if He’s willing to enter the world in the presence of a smelly sheep and a wide-eyed simple carpenter, then there is no place He will not go, there is no person He cannot reach, no distance, too far for Him. He chose to be born under these circumstances to tell us that there is no limit to His love. Because when Jesus was born on that silent and holy night, so was our eternal hope!

Actually, we need Christmas more than ever today and in the tomorrows that will come. Christmas is as relevant now, if not more, than before. We need this time of the year to remind us that we don’t live only for ourselves. That there is more to giving than to receiving, more to forgiving than to holding grudges and resentments, more to loving than hating, that being more compassionate and more understanding can build relationships and make our lives less streeful. As English poet, W.H. Auden said: If equal affection cannot be, let the more loving be me. Our world, like that of Bethlehem, can be difficult and crowded. Our days can feel as cold and uncertain as that of the midnight manger, especially if you are alone and far from your family. And yet, in the midst of this all, let’s do what Mother Mary did. Let’s invite the Prince of Peace to enter our world. Let’s renew our hope once more in the Infant King who shall come again gloriously and triumphantly to take us with Him so we can live with Him forever! My dear family of God, this is the promise of Christmas that makes it more relevant today, this is what Christmas is all about and this is why we celebrate Christmas. So let’s prepare our hearts and spirits for His final coming. And when He does, may He find us, our family, our community, blameless and spotless. In the meantime, let us deck ourselves with joy and proclaim: King of Heaven, COME!



Bing/Angie Buhain and family


Feast Builder: 
Bro. Bing & Sis. Angie Buhain

Discipleship Builder: 
Makes every Feast member a disciple of Jesus 
- Bro. Marvin & Sis. Anne Abesamis

Events Builder:
Makes the Feast the very best and most inspiring experience for members and guests 
- Bro. Rey & Sis. Elvie Reyes

Formation Builder:
Conducts LLS, Growth, Training and other Seminars for Members 
- Bro. Ed & Sis. Malou Buhain

Singles & Tabitha Builder:
Handles needs of our single sisters and brothers, single mothers and whose spouse is not yet part of the Feast 
- Bro. Danny & Sis. Nancy Interior

Youth Builder:
Handles needs of our Youth and Young Adults 
- Bro. Arnie & Sis. MJ Querijero

Expands the Feast exposure 
- Bro. Dong & Sis. Cely Magalona


Praise, Worship & Music:
Builds a lively Feast by providing “Lord-class” music Bro. Leonard Buhain Registration, Ushers & Greeters: Greets attendees and makes them feel welcome Bro. Rey & Sis. Elvie Reyes

Follows-up and reconnects with Feast newcomers, guests and members Bro. Dennis & Sis. Che Enriquez

Physical Arrangement: 
Sets up worship space and helps transport music equipment to and from Feast Bro. Tom & Rodora Evora

Creative Design:
Documents Feast proceedings, creates and runs presentation slides Bro. Jojo & Sis. Citas Garcia / Bro. Ronald & Sis. Sheila Bumanlag Promotional & Marketing: Advertises to make Feasts known to other areas Bro. Paolo & Sis. Jan Borromeo

Provide snacks at the Feast Bro. Eric & Sis. Tess Garcia

Intercessory & Healing:
Prays for the needs of the Feast, the servant leaders & members Sis. Let Moralita Youth & Young Adults: Oversees & coordinates programs for Youth between 13-18 years of age, and Young Adults between ages 19-26 years of age Bro. Arnie & Sis. MJ Querijero

Designs & conducts teaching programs for children between 2-12 years of age Bro. Marvin & Sis. Anne Abesamis

Ensures proper recording of Feast assets and resources, prepares and submits financial reports to the Feast Council Bro. Owen & Sis. Vi Claudio

Feast Centre:
Looks for potential location and finds ways to fund the future Milton Feast Centre Bro. Paul & Sis. Lelette Plaza